30 rue Louis Rouquier

I have been looking for a site for several months for my co-working café. I don’t want to give away all my secrets but there have been several key criteria. I wanted somewhere that had lots of natural light, is close to good transport links and is big enough to have space for nice barista, relaxation and hot-desking areas as well as some meeting capacity. Its quite a specific list and I knew it would be a real mission to accomplish. I think I now know all of the estate agents personally and I have got used to a daily digestion of property listings as part of my breakfast routine…

I have been to see many places but none of them felt right. It is a little bit like relationships and searching for your “love at first sight” (or is that “at first site” in this case!). A month ago, I finally fell in love … with a property … the other side is happily done since a long time. It has been a complicated courting period to make it all official but, today, I am delighted to announce that Connect Café will have its future home at 30 rue Louis Rouquier in Levallois.

We will open late August or early September if all goes to plan. I will upload some photos of the before and after interior as we go through the journey. I am immensely grateful to Marie-Catherine de Roany whose deep experience in the world of property and negotiations was really crucial in getting this deal signed. Thank you so, so much MC!

So, does this new site match up to my original wish list? Well, I live in the Levallois area myself and it is a vibrant area with a lot of entrepreneurs, contractors, homeworkers and students who could all be interested in our services and it is going to be convenient for them all. We will be 4 minutes away from either Louise Michel or Anatole France metro stations, are on bus lines 93/174/274 and are close to shops, dry-cleaning, a bakery and, of course, a wine store! Pretty much everything you might need if you have an errand to do on the way home after a good session at Connect Café. Woo hoo!

Hopefully that all sounds good?


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