A Key Date

After two months of labour, the landlord has finished his part of the building works and handed me over the keys to 30 rue Louis Rouquier this morning 😊. The transformation is definitely impressive. I will let you judge that for yourself as well by sharing an example of one of the rooms. Here is a glimpse of the “before”, “during” and “now” stages (though my architect and interior designer will shortly start their work to complete the full “after” look).




It has been an interesting period following the evolution of the building works but it has definitely not been without stress. Sometimes when I look for a listening ear to complain, I am kindly reminded that being an entrepreneur is, by definition, “stressful”. I am sure anyone who is an entrepreneur is probably nodding their head. That’s probably particularly true of sorting out the physical space of your business – I see the advantages of an online only business!

Even something as basic as the position of the toilet has made me almost pull out my hair. During the building refurbishment, it literally changed places three times (and I don’t mean on a plan, I mean physically!) as we tried to make it work together before eventually finding its final home. In the end, the position of this room is actually optimal and I am glad my first plan didn’t work out. I’m also learning that taking the time to work everything through up-front matters though it is hard to balance that with the natural desire of an entrepreneur to get on with things!

Well, I can’t resist, I am going to go back now and enjoy the feeling of turning the keys to my new adventure with Connect Café.  I hope you will all be joining me soon!


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