A Logo Created – For Better or Worse!

One key marketing lesson I’ve absorbed is that a logo is an important part of your brand strategy.  With that in mind, I have done lots of work over the last few weeks to create a logo that represents my business and my vision.

At least that is what I thought I was doing!

I found an excellent graphic designer who has been patiently putting up with my constant requests for changes to colours, fonts, sizes and images.  We have been through over 20 versions as I sought advice from contacts and friends in marketing and sales jobs.  Finally, I was proud to settle on the final product (undoubtedly to the relief of my graphist).

I used a birthday party celebration to do the dramatic reveal of my new logo to friends of mine and my husband.  It didn’t quite go as expected.  Whilst some people did get it immediately, others were a bit lost commenting “I am not sure that blue coffee sounds very tasty” and “why do you have a bear’s ear as a logo”.  Grrrrr 😊.

Well, it is designed to have several meanings.  Firstly, the image combines a coffee cup with a sign for Wi-Fi representing great internet access and delicious hot drinks.  Secondly, the choice of the words “Connect” and “Coworking” and the fact that the image itself is connecting a cup and Wi-Fi represents the idea of connecting and collaborating in a community. I really want Connect Café to be somewhere where people can find, help and advice others too.  Perhaps I have overthought it but I hope it makes sense now?

What did you think when you saw the logo?


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