Is it better to laugh or to cry ?

Is it better to laugh or to cry … well I did both over the simple subject of installing a glass sliding door for my meeting room. It probably sounds like I made up the story but no, it is all true, as unbelievable as it may sound.

Early August 2018 – The tip of the iceberg: Just before the due installation date of my sliding door, Company X (whose real name I will kindly omit even if he doesn’t deserve it) realises that he has forgotten to order the glass pane for the door!

29th August – Hang on, that can’t be right: Company X comes to install the sliding door but once on site realises that the frame is too small (it is the size of the glass pane and not the size of the opening).

31st August – Is my measure tape correct? Company X comes back a few days later to install the sliding door again and realises that the frame is 5 cm too big and won’t fit in the space. My brother would call them “Muppets”, I was a little less polite with my vocabulary.

4th September – hmm I may have forgotten something: Company X comes back AGAIN to install the door but this time they have forgotten part of the frame and they have brought a steel plate to replace temporarily the glass pane (still under production)!

21st September – and oops there goes another one: Company X comes back again to finish the frame and install the glass pane. Unfortunately, the glass pane slips during instalment and cracks!

12th October – too good to be true? Company X comes back to install the new glass pane. The worker calls me when finished to inspect the works. The glass frame is fine but the door is crooked (big opening at the top that gets narrower the further down you look). At this stage all frustration is gone and I am just laughing. How incompetent can a company be and the door will have cost them a fortune. They have at this stage refabricated the frame three times and have to order twice the glass pane.

17th October – finished : true? At last !

If you want to see whether it was all worth it, don’t hesitate to drop by and visit Connect Café (30 rue Louis Rouquier)


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