Bothersome Bureaucracy

“Bureaucracy is the art of making the possible impossible”.

In the news you often read about the need for more entrepreneurs and the opportunities that presents. When I decided to quit my job and to set up Connect Café, I knew that there would be many things I would have to learn to pursue them … and that there would probably be a lot of paperwork too. I realise now that I have underestimated how true both of those points are … especially the paperwork!!! It is really never-ending.  I have electronic and paper folders piled up on my computer and across my home.  I even need master spreadsheets of submission dates and to-do lists to try and track where I am with it all. I am sure I am not alone though?

Setting up the company status itself was actually surprisingly easy but the “authorisation for building works” paperwork was a nightmare. It has many linked implications so its important to get it done as early as you can and I have been up until 2 or 3am for the last few nights completing it. Thankfully, it is now submitted which is a relief though, on the negative side, I have to wait for at least a few months for approval. It is one step closer to launch all the same and I’ve learned to celebrate each one I make no matter how small. Each day brings new obstacles or unanticipated challenges and, if you let them, they can make you feel quite down or feel that you are running to just stay still. I now try to treat each new form I successfully fill in and submit as another victory against bureaucracy’s attempt to block me.

Happy to share lessons learned if you share yours too. Sharing is caring and, as I noted in an earlier blog, the community is an important part of what I want to create at Connect Café.


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