Community Connect developping

Connect Café is now open to the public over a week.  The first 10 days have been a lot of fun and I have already met a lot of extraordinary nice people from many different backgrounds.  In a short period of time, I have welcomed journalists, a photographer, marketers, IT experts, health & safety advisors, coaches, consultants and many more.  It is not in every job that it is possible to meet such interesting people of varying age groups.  Students, workers, start-ups, retired people everyone has their own reason to come and spend time at Connect Café and that is what is magic about this adventure.

It seems Levallois is a great friendly area to set up a business.  Neighbours have been popping in regularly to say hello and to wish me the best with my new adventure, people of all ages have been volunteering to help me for free with different details and my customers are enthusiastic. Some of my customers have already also given me some precious advice and help.

All is not of course perfect, there are still a few aspects to be fine-tuned and suppliers to follow-up but the fact that there is already a happy community makes up for all of that.  To help the Connect Community share and interact, I have a large cork board for any of you who would like to promote your talents or looking for help in a certain area.  Don’t hesitate to drop by and have a look.


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