Connect Café, your coworking café in Levallois !

Struggling for motivation to get out of bed in the morning? Come and discover our coworking café. 

  Imagine an intersection of office, living room and café! 
  Imagine a happy modern environment with great wifi and comfortable spaces to work or relax!
  Imagine a collaborative community of like-minded people who share your professional and personal interests.  Imagine being happy to see them!

Hmm, you say, I am not really a morning person…  That’s okay – in your case we will give you a whispered hello, a quiet corner and a fresh cup of strong gourmet coffee to get you going.

Hmm, you say. I really just wanted a place to touchdown for two hours to browse the internet…  Not a problem, our flexible coworking packages cater for an hour, a day, a week or more.

One-size shouldn’t fit all. We embrace differences and we will get to know yours.

Welcome to work?  No, welcome home!  Welcome to Connect Café.