Inside Interiors

I woke up this morning excited and eager but also a little unsure what to expect from the day. It was another milestone in the project of opening Connect Café as I was due to meet with my architect and interior designer. After a month of discussions, they were due to provide their propositions for the layout and interior decoration.

My architect managed to draw out the suspense even further as he realised that he had forgotten the “Look Book” folder of proposed floor plan, fabric, image and furniture designs at his office and had to go off and collect it. One hour later, happily installed with a nice hot drink, they revealed and explained their ideas.

I am happy that they have managed to take advantage of the natural light and also leverage the ancient brickwork I worked with the landlord on uncovering again. They also perfectly understood the desire for Connect Café to be “atypical” whilst still remaining practical for working, studying, surfing on the net etc. The relaxation area is definitely a chilled-out zone and I can already imagine sinking into the sofa with a cup of tea … although, sadly, I may not have too much time for that myself. The meeting rooms are inspiring and spacious.

Some of the décor suggestions were probably a little too out there for me though and I want to make sure we don’t trade off comfort for design. I want my customers to enjoy being there daily not popping in for a quick picture to put on Instagram and then not coming again haha!  Perhaps I am making the wrong decision though as I know i need to push myself to make it an interesting and engaging space.

Whilst there is a fair bit of fine tuning to do on the proposition, I think that the idea is there though. Version two is due in a few weeks and I might put up a teaser photo or two then but, for the moment, i am keeping it top secret.  In the meantime here is a snip clip of a decal that I declined today so that you can imagine it on a wall.  What do you think – was I right or wrong?


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