My most stupid mistake (so far!)

“Earth has its boundaries, human stupidity is limitless.”

I had a little bit of time to think for once today.  I used it to go back through both my to-do list and my completed list.  I was actually quite surprised at how much I have accomplished so far though equally disturbed by how much I have still to do in the weeks ahead.  This was also a chance to try to note some lessons for myself which mostly led to me kicking myself for bad decisions I made along the way – though I suppose I should be pleased with the fact that I have found a solution to each too.

However, I have definitely made a few silly ones.  As an example, my landlord did the electricity  and was more than generous in his proposition to put plugs everywhere I wanted because I want people to be able to charge and connect devices easily.  My landlord asked if I needed RJ45 connections installed and I stupidly said no without realising the consequences.  RJ45 enables you to plug into the internet with a cable.  As I am planning excellent Wi-Fi I didn’t think that would be necessary for my customers.  This is I believe is totally true but the issue was more for me.  I didn’t realise that these connections are also useful for my landline telephone, for the music system etc.  Argh!

However, at least I am not the only one.  A few weeks back, I was wondering why I was getting no letters in the mail.  It turns out that a little typing error by the administration folks at La Poste (my form was correct) led to all my letters being sent to the wrong address. Perhaps someone out there is wondering why banks, government and administration organisations has been sending them letters and questions about their new co-working café?  Don’t worry I have sorted it out all now.

Anyone out there have other examples of things that go wrong when starting a business?  I will share more of mine if you share some of yours.


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