At Connect Café, flexibility is our keyword: drinks and nibbles are also all-inclusive and unlimited.

Connection without constraints!

Pricing (including barista service and  tasty snacks) is based on the  amount of time you visit for.  So … whether you want to briefly browse the net, finish off a project,  play online games, meet a supplier, have a new place to work from  temporarily or permanently or simply wait somewhere pleasant before a meeting  … there  is always an option for you.

By the hour

  • 1hour: 5.5 €
  • +30 mins: 2.5 €

“If life can change in a moment … imagine what you could achieve in a whole hour?”

By the day

  • 25 €

“Day-dreams without work don’t achieve anything but a day of solid work can help achieve your dreams”

Weekly member

  • 110 €

* Valid for two months

“Find a job and a work space  that you like and it will feel like you added five days to every week”

Monthly member

  • 250 €

“A month spent here is full of new friends and good cheer!”

Planning a Meeting?

Do you need a room for a client meeting, a group brainstorm or to finish a project? Perhaps it is for a day, a half day or even an hour? Learn more ...

Fully Equipped Meeting Room

Check availability and even reserve your space online and easily.
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