An intersection of office, living room and café.​

We believe your workplace shouldn’t feel like work! 

Chase away those constraining office cubicles – your space should reflect the mood or task in front of you. Perhaps you want to watch the world go by at the window, stretch out sitting by the sofa or dig in doggedly at a desk?  

If staying for a few hours or longer why not move around – Connect Café is your new home so please use all your rooms!

Community without constraints.

Connect Café is the most flexible work (or play!) space you can find.

  • Come for an hour or a month.
  • Pay for meeting space or printing only when or if you need it.

We try hard to know your name and your interests and do our best to introduce you to like-minded individuals in our Connect Café community.  We love to host talks or events that inspire or members or collaboration and are always open to ideas to encourage more.

Café au lait? Olé, Olé, Olé!

Ah, the rich aroma of freshly ground beans that drifts into your nose. Ah, the complex contrast of light and dark brown shades in a good expresso. Ah, the first sip that … well, come and find out for yourself!

We are not ashamed to admit that we have a deep love of coffee at Connect Café. Our coffee supplier was runner-up for roasting at the 2018 French Championship run by the Speciality Coffee Association of France as well as winning Gold Medal at the 2017 Prix Epicure de l’Epicerie Fine for Café.

It’s not just cappuccinos, expressos or lattes though. Louis 14th granted our tea supplier the exclusive privilege to sell tea in France back in 1692 and they have been searching out terrific tea leafs ever since.

Our charming barista service is matched up with access to a selection of tasty snacks and both are included in your price.  Fuel your energy, power your brain!

PS: We also sell bags of coffee beans or tea to take home if you cant wait overnight!