Wake up and smell the coffee

The rich aroma of freshly ground beans that drifts into your nose…

The complex contrast of light and dark brown shades in a good espresso…

The first sip that …. okay, okay, sorry, I am getting a bit carried away today!

I am building a much deeper love for coffee as I launch Connect Café.  Great tasting coffee and tea is going to be very important for my customers so I have been tasting my way around town and across several fairs recently.    My husband is shocked though because it seems lots of coffee makes me sleepy not awake – anyone else have that happen?  Anyway, the big news is that I have selected our future suppliers and I can’t wait for you to taste them.


Our coffee supplier will be Pfaff. They were recently runner-up for roasting at the 2018 French Championship run by the Speciality Coffee Association of France (in which they won gold medal in 2014).  They won prizes 3 years in row at the Prix Epicure from 2015-2017 (including 2 gold medals).


It’s not just cappuccinos, espressos or lattes though.

I have also selected our tea supplier which will be Dammann Frères. They have an impressive history in the tea world. In fact, Louis 14th originally granted them the exclusive privilege to sell tea in France back in 1692!  They have been searching out terrific tea leafs ever since and I am pleased to be providing a selection of their teas.  My personal favourite is Jardin Bleu but you can make up your own mind.


Sigh, so good!  I will try not to get too distracted by drinking too much myself and get back to focusing on less exciting aspects of the business plan …. though I am suddenly feeling very sleepy ….



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